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SSMA Warning Question - Identifier name might cause problems

We are a small non-profit group using an Access database for recordkeeping. I know it's "against the rules" but we are sharing the database from OneDrive. We have a special MS "user" and only one of the three of us is allowed to be logged in at a time. On occasion one user has sync issues because of a poor internet connection. The database is very small - less than 1 gb and I don't foresee it getting to even that size in the long term. Anyway the thought is to split it and put the backend on Azure serverless SQL. I started the process with a copy of the live database and split it into two databses one with tables and one with the rest (forms/queries/reports/macros, etc.) Have a couple things to fix there as there are 5 tables that are created via queries - I'll change the code to do a clear and append, instead of overwrite then it will sync with the backend.
Next I ran a SSMA Report against the tables database. I've figured out most of the warnings such as missing primary keys, adding default 0 for yes/no fields, a few column names with invalid characters.
There is one type of warning, though, that I could use assistance with...the error is A2ss0030 - Identifier name might cause problems...Split_Tables.[tblDistributionLines].[{89A89C99-D205-4A35-89A4-CBD48F1DA9DF}]. There are about 25 tables with this problem where it's appending a GUID.
What does this mean?
Thank you!