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SSMA Migrating data from Oracle to SQL Server

Hi New to the site.

Using SSMA Migrating data from Oracle to SQL Server.

We already have created our new Azure SQL Server database essentially the same as the one we have on Oracle.

Therefore we do not need to migrate the Schema. Can I use SSMA to just move data from our Oracle DB to our SQL Server.

The first time I will want to copy all the data and once that is complete I would like it to run every 60 minutes or something like that and move any changes or new updates.

Can SSMA do this.

A migration is considered as a one-time action by SSMA: once the migration is finished, you discontinue working on the Oracle database and start using the SQL Server database.

Migrating data is a bulk-load operation that moves rows of data from Oracle tables into SQL Server tables in transactions.

What you describe is a two database system: an active OLTP one, the Oracle database, and a mirror database, in SQL Server, that will be synchronised periodically. You can't use SSMA for that. It will not detect all the changes (UPDATES, INSERTS, DELETES) since the last synchronisation and change the SQL Server database accordingly.

So something like Attunity Replicate is what I will need to use?

Are there any other solutions I would prefer free but cost is not a road block

We use Attunity.

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