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Ssisdb logs are filling

Ssisdb log drive filling everyday, we r not sure why it is filling


You are going to have to provide a bit more than that.

what kind of configuration do you have on this server?

are DATA and LOGS data in same disk or separate? etc
Do you have SSRS running on same server?
Did something change recently on that server?
new configuration, restore of SSRS etc

Has anything at all changed on the server?

We didn’t changed changed anything. The data and log files are in different places. Ssrs is running in different place.

Can you clarify what you mean by log drive filling? Does that mean the location where the ldf file for the SSISDB database resides?

If it is filling every day - how are you reclaiming that space? What is the process?

What is the recovery model for the SSISDB database? If it is full recovery - are you backing up the transaction log? If so - how often are you backing it up?