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SSISDB large size

SSISDB database size in my database server instance has around 20 GB. What is the solution to reduce the size?. I am planning to delete the packages & redeploy them.
Will that work? Is there any other solution? I am a newbie in this subject. Please help.

where do you see this size? and 20gb nowadays is something you can have on a thumb drive, not sure what the big issue is with 20GB?

My DBA was telling about mdf & ldf file folder size for this database. The size is important as we are using a paid VM for setting up the database. If you can suggest some solution to reduce the size, it will help.

Right-click on SSISDB under the Integration Services Catalog - and select properties. In the properties here you can adjust several settings that control how much data is kept - how many versions, etc...

You can store the packages outside the db if packages are the main space usage.

If data is the main space usage, page compress the data. That should save you ~50% or so, depending on the specific data in the tables.

what do these packages do that they are so fat? other than what the other fine gentlemen have proposed, have you thought about rewriting your packages. instead of using ssis packages could you leverage powershell, or eliminate stored procedure calls in SSIS, which in my view is useless if nothing else happens in the ssis package. you might as well just do a vanilla sql job that call these sprocs