SSIS solution will not open with no error

I saved a solution last week. Today when I try to open it, it does nothing. I can open the one I saved yesterday. Any suggestions?

First suggestion: post some more details.

What do you mean by when you try to open it, "it" does nothing? Are you opening the solution in Visual Studio? Do you get error messages? What do you see in Solution Explorer when you open the solution?

Sorry - yes, visual studio 2017. File Open Project. I tried again running as an administrator and got this message

Unable to complete read operation after process has exited.

Ah well before you got that message, what happened? Did you try a reboot of your workstation? All up to date on VS and SSDT?

Up to date - no changes since I created it. It just stayed on the page and I didn't get a message or anything. I have not tried that. I will, but I restarted yesterday and I usually don't.

Well I'll be darned! It worked! Well that will be my first go to if it happens again. Thank you!

Back to square one. I didn't have start debugging option. Found where someone said that's because I didn't have the .sln file open so I closed it and navigated to the solution and it won't open. I'm not even getting the message now and I am running as administrator. Is Visual Studio always this frustrating?

Sorry, this was an ID10T error. I am new to Visual Studio and didn't realize that the design panel was not open.