SSIS SCript Issues

I have opted to building console apps in .net c# instead of using SSIS Script component. Very irritating to use Script component.
Build a console app and use Execute Process Task to call that exe. and this work beautifully.

any inputs on this?

I would be interested in why you feel using the script component is 'very irritating'...

Personally I find it rather simple for the cases where I have to utilize a script component - and from what I have seen, a lot of developers tend to try to do more than is needed in a script component just because they are more familiar with C# than SSIS.

what are you using script components for? Or, put another way, what are you doing in your console app that can't be done in SSIS?

I am ingesting data from an external api. ssis script seems to be so cumbersome and not easy to use. Sometimes you get these mysterious errors that pop up.
I have used SSIS for years just this script component part gives me fits

hmm. you should be able to port your console app code to a script task/component without too much fuss, assuming you're following good OOP principles. Just be sure to try/catch everything and log profusely to the ssis log during dev, unit testing and SIT testing.