SSIS Scheduled Job

I have experience with simple SSIS packages. I have installed them on scheduled jobs a couple of times and I don't remember clearly the process. It was fairly simple. I will research/google this topic but while doing so, are there any additional tips that I should keep in mind when I set this up, such as window credentials?

I don't remember one of the challenges that we had in the past but we had to do something when we were implementing on the server.

You can use sql agent job to schedule SSIS package.

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Thanks Ahmeds

Is that the normal and recommended approach? I think that is what we used.

Are there other methods to schedule an SSIS package beside SQL Agent Job and Task Scheduler?


Well anything that can run an executable on a schedule can do it, but I'd definitely go with a SQL Agent Job if I were you. It has a specific task type for SSIS packages with UI for configuring things (it's not the nicest UI in the world, but marginally better than the cryptic dtsexec command line settings)

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Thanks for the confirmation Andy.