SSIS package reading Email and insert data into SQL

I am beginner for SSIS, My manager wants me to create SSIS Package that can read the data from the Email attachment which is in the format of excel file and insert the same data into SQL database into warehouse. Can you able to tell me first if it is possible?? and if yes then how can I able to make it possible?? Details about my system:

SQL Server 2016, Email:- Outlook , Data Tools 2015

The title says Email. the text says Excel, which is it?

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I think its read email, extract excel from email and insert extracted data into DB :grinning:

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Its Email that contains Excel file as attachment. Sorry for confusion.

OK now I get it. Your question is actually more about .NET coding to Outlook. You'll need to write a script component to read from Outlook since that's not a standard component. Assuming you know C# or, it's not that hard though it will take a few days to code up and debug.

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I got it. I thought there might be direct way to use Email as SSIS Trigger and we can run the package.

certainly you could have an Outlook extension that invokes DTSEXEC to run a package

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what is your mail server technology? Exchange?