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SSIS Package Import using OLE DB client list, data from ADO.net


I have been creating and running SSIS packages using visual studio, 2008r2 environment. I have been pulling from an ADO.net data source and dumping the data in 2008r2 server. What I want to do is pull the data from the ADO.net source, using a table on the SQL server to pull data for only the clients in the table instead of doing a dump of all of the data. Can this be done? If so what are the appropriate transformations to use? I can only pull data from the ADO.net source, I can't upload my client table or it would be easy.
I basically want to do this -
select ado.clientNbr, ado.serviceDate, ado.etc
from adoSource ado, OleDBsource ole
where ado.clientNbr = ole.clientNbr