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SSIS package help

Hope someone can help.

My company have an SSIS package that has been running nightly for about five years without issue.

An internal audit recently revealed that due to staff leaving, there's actually no-one left in the building who knows what this package actually does.........and, bad news for me, I am deemed the most "competent" to deal with it so it's washed up on my beach.

The last time I had anything to do with SSIS packages was back in the day when you used BIDS to do these things.

Apparently these days you use Visual Studio with a plug-in?

For clarity, we're talking about opening solutions and then seeing workflow style diagrams.

Are there any good tutorials / sample packages out there that any of you would recommend?

Thanks in advance.

Make a copy and then try to open it with Visual Studio. If the version of VS you have is newer, it may ask you to upgrade the package. You can edit the SSIS package using a text editor and look for the Package Format Version, which would tell you which version of Visual Studio it was built with. You may need to search the web for package format version to VS version translation.

If you don't have VS, download the latest version of SSDT from here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssdt/download-sql-server-data-tools-ssdt

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With the Package deployment model you can save the package from msdb to the file system if it's stored in SQL Server or make a copy of the package file, create a new SSIS Project and remove (delete) the default package, add the Existing Package and select the copied save file.

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Just spent a while going through the package; at some point, there's a custom script piece that invokes some C## routine?

Visual Studio crashes when attempting to view it; where would I find it in the package?

Might be in the Script component

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also another method (in emergency scenarios) is to open the ssis package in a tool such as notepad++
basically ssis packages are xml files.

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You might have to install the version of BIDS it was created in to open it without error.

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