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SSIS Multiple XML Source File Variable to 1 SQL Table


I'm trying to create an SSIS package using ForEachLoop through container where my source files are xml files. I have identified the source folder and have an xsd file which contains the proper xml file format but I cannot get the package to pickup/loop through the xml files within the folder to import them.

My ForEachLoop Container is setup with 'Foreach File Enumerator' and then I have an Expression 'Directory' to map the actual directory of the files.

I also have an Expression in the ForEach Loop for my XMLFileName

Next I have a Data Flow Task and in the Data Flow Task I have my XML Task is set with XML data from Variable and the Variable name is the XMLFileName that is used in the ForEach Loop.

I get an error but I cannot see what the exact error/issue is. Any tips on how to resolve this or sites with screenshots that explain how to setup an SSIS integration to import multiple xml files to a single sql table would be helpful. I have found lots of sites that describe how to loop through multiple text files or csv files but nothing with respect to xml which seems to be it's own beast.

Any help is greatly appreciated.