SSIS Job is not picking ExecuteProcessTask.It continous to run untill we stop

I have used execute process task to run .bat file.This .bat file will extract the files from shared network drive to local folder.In order to connect to that shared drive we have to provide credentials.So i have map that drive in my system by entering required credentials.Manually the package runs successfully,But the job is not picking the execute process task.It continuous to run until we stop and the job is doing nothing.Used Proxy account to run the job.

If you need to provide credentials to access the share - then you should be running the job using a proxy account that has access to that share.

Using a .bat file to map a drive isn't necessary. Instead of trying to access the folder using a drive letter - just use the UNC path to that shared folder. For example - instead of using D:\SharedFolder\ use \servername\SharedFolder.

There is no reason to copy the files locally - you can process them directly from the shared folder. If processing them from the shared folder takes too long because the files are too big - then copying them local would be acceptable - but it isn't required.

Thank you