SSIS Import from Excel --> SQL Database. Fields Excel Source "NULL"


who can help me. I want to import data from an Excel file into a SQL table.
That has always worked well so far.
Problem: Now I have the problem that fields in my Excel file that are "empty" are suddenly imported with "NULL".

How can you set that the fields are always imported as " " (empty)?!

I use Visual Studio 2010 and have created an SSIS package there.

Greetings from Germany


Look for the derived column transformation data flow step and use isnull(yourcolumn,'')

Or you could do something similar with an execute sql control flow step

Hi Flamblaster,

thank you for your message. Can you send me a screenshot where i can do this?
Do you have an excample?!

Greetings from Germany


Create a data flow task:

Excel Source Editor

Do a preview to show there are nulls:

In Data Flow Task, grab a Dervied Column Transformation, drag it over and connect Excel Source to the Derived Column

Drag your column that needs to transform from null to empty string to the derived column name, select "replace 'my column' in Derived Column, then in the expression, use this, but with whatever your column name will be:

ISNULL(salesperson) ? " " : salesperson

In Derivid Column Transformation,

Connect a destination, I chose ole db

Execute the package to load your data:

Now view your data in the table - note there are no nulls in the salesperson column:

Hope this helps! Reach out if you want to get on a Discord call or something to review.