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SSIS http connection 401 unauthorized

I’m a newbie, please mind my ignorance.
Created SSIS which uses WebServiceTask to call .Net application and runs a set of functions by invoking them through a WSDL file. Web service path was set to allow anonymous. I can get to the path with no credentials on local application files via Visual Studio 2017, but once deployed to company https:// app server and try to test connection, it returns remotes server returned 401 unauthorized.

I can open the file on all browsers.

I have to submit the SSIS to dba group and don’t know how to get this to work. Based on various searches and hours of looking around I am lost on whether this is an IIS issue because this is trying to connect from my local machine to the secured server and I don’t have permissions or is this based on the secured server not allowing access.

Can someone please provide me guidance or resources suggestions to resolve this issue. Is there something I need to request from dba team or app server support team.

Completely confused

I cannot help you directly but what I do in this kind of situations is to turn away from the screen and draw the situation on a paper with a pencil. What is working and what is not working. What is the difference and can it cause the error? Can you see when it isn't working and what isn't working. Ask someone to look with you and make sure you can explain it to them and maybe you can solve it both.

Best guess:
With SSIS you have to realise that the credentials can be different. Just make sure you use the correct credentials. If you have the WSDL file on c:\temp for example on your local machine and you deploy to the to company https:// app server it will look on the server on the c:\temp and maybe the user has no rights to that folder. Try to copy the wsdl file to the same folder with a name _2 first so you are sure you can acces it local and on the app server.

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  1. "I can get to the path with no credentials"
  • what do you mean by that? I think you are indeed using your credentials
  • when running it locally are you using https?
  1. what security context is the ssis running as, the service account? when you run it works because you as the user have