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Ssis help

How to give performance while loading data from SQL Server to Postgres

source : SQL Server table : emp have 20 lakhs records with 20 fields

destination: postgres server : emp
source and destination tables datatypes are same like,int,varchar(255),date .no need convert datatypes

source transformation is oledb source for sql server
destination transformation is odbc destincation for postgres

I want load data from SQL Server to Postgres using SSIS There is no business logic and no data conversion and it's taking more than 20 hours

destination table have pk and fk relation ship between emp and dept tables constraints
system ram is : 8 gb odbc batch size : 1000

Could you please tell me how to improve performance?

Please share in detail your environment. Where is this pastgre server in relation to sql server?

Cloud servers or on prem?

postgres server is in cloud server.

In what region is postgres in? And the sql sever where is that?