SSIS flat file text qualifier

I'm trying to export data using SSIS and I've been having data is moving from one row to another.
I used " in text qualifier but still not solving the problem.
I've attached screen shot, how is the data looks in .csv file .
Is there way to escape for this commas and double quotes from the data?

Sorry I can't upload the image for SSMS data look this is how is looking the data.

|SHE200|1283BN |5 mm Brass Grommet Finish: Nickel Plated Pack: 1,000 pcs./P|M |60.00|34.00|
|SHE200|1283PB |5 mm Brass Grommet Finish: Brass Plated |M |0.00|1.00|
|SHE200|1284AB |1/4" Grommet Finish: Antique Brass Pack: 1,000 pcs./Polybag|M |0.00|1.00|

Use tab delimited. There could be data with " and if you use " as delimited then it will break it on that deliniter

Or use pipe-delimited...anything can be used as long as that character does not exist in the data. You only need to quote the text if your delimiter can be found in the data.