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SSIS Expression Conversion from DTS VBScript


I am trying to convert this old DTS VBScript to an SSIS Expression. I do not receive a failure, however it is not giving me the correct results beyond the first 9 numbers from the left. The first 9 numbers from the left are OK. The problem seems to be related to the asc(mid segment. I am not sure how to handle that piece in the SSIS Expression.

OLD VB SCRIPT Left(DTSSource("Col050"),9)&asc(mid(DTSSource("Col050"),10,1))&asc(mid(DTSSource("Col050"),11,1))&asc(mid(DTSSource("Col050"),12,1))


(DT_STR,20,1252)SUBSTRING(Col050,1,9) + SUBSTRING(mid(Col050,10,1)) + SUBSTRING(Col050,11,1) + SUBSTRING(Col050,12,1)

Thank you.

Answered my own question. :slight_smile: