Ssis error

Currently there was some up gradation happened in our org from sql 2012 to sql 2016.So now we are upgrading our packages.All our packages are having source as excel.Earlier few of our packages were terminating abruptly when we were calling them from autosys while they execute successfully from local(through visual studio).We changed the DelayValidation to True and most of our packages are executing successfully except 2.The successfully executed packages were having some script task where we changed the delay validation property.But these 2 are failing abruptly when called from auosys but completes without any issues on local machine.The issue is we are not able to see any error messages in the log file and the log seems to be incomplete and every time it stops at a specific data flow without any error message.That data flow is having some basic tasks like insertion,lookup.I tried with Delayvalidation=true,MetadataValidation=False but nothing seems to be working.

Thanks in advance !

Are these packages in SSISDB? If so, you can look at the execution reports in the Integration Services section of SSMS: