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SSIS Email failing with attachment


Hello Masters,

I have a package that attaches an excel file and emails it to 2 people. The email step fails with a certain .xlsx attachment. The only thing I can gather is that the attachment is too large. It's almost 22mb. If I attach a smaller file to the step it does not fail. If I attach the 22mb file to an email and send it to the same users in the package, it works just fine. Any constraints or settings I might be missing within SSIS?

Thanks for any input.



I guess the attachment size setting has to be done at the mail server side.


The issue was resolved in SSIS. I added a compression step to the process, and the file sends. Thanks


Database Mail has a system parameter that defines the maximum file size it will send. By default that size is 1000000 bytes. For larger files you need to modify the system parameter and increase this value.