Ssis connectivity issue


I installed SQL 2017 Developer edition. trying to connect all installed SSAS,SSRS,SSIS & DB engine.

Iam able to connect all services except SSIS. When i checked the services in sql configuration manager all services are running.

in services.msc i see SQL Server Integration services 14.0 also and it is running..

I installed SQL Server data tools and visual studio also. Why i am not able to see server name in the ManagementStudio-->conneect-->Integration services -->(No server name)

Please guide me how to connect the SSIS?

I tried giving the servername. got the below error

Failed to retrieve data for this request.Failed with following error : "Class not registrered".

This error can occur when you try to connect to a sql server 2005 integration services from current version of the sql server tools.Instead add folders to the service configuration file to let the local integration services service manage packages on the SQL Server 2005 instance.



Its resolved. i uninstalled SMMS 18 version and installed old 17 version. then SSIS is connecting.