SSIS Bug while attempting to reference DB2 aliases table using Microsoft OLEDB Provider for DB2

I am using Microsoft's OLEDB Provider for DB2 to populate data from SQL 2012 SSIS to DB2.

I see no way to connect to a DB2 table which makes use of an alias. The table(s) using the alias do not show up in the list of available tables. Permissions on the DB2 side have been verified. As an alternate, I attempted to pass the aliased table to the destination task via a variable. Still no luck.... It seems like SSIS has a bug, which prevents aliased DB2 tables from being referenced.

Does anyone know if there is a setting which needs to be enabled when configuring my OLEDB for DB2 connection?


could be a limitation. Does IBM have an oldedb drive you can use instead? Alternatively, try ODBC