SSIS 2017 can we force sequential/synchronous processing?

We recently upgraded from SQL 2008 to SQL 2017, and now notice that many of our packages are dropping data. Most of our individual packages contain many task/steps, where we may call stored procedures and some external scripts. It seems the call to a stored procedure occurs without issue, but does not complete before the next process is called in the package. Any idea if there is a setting within SSIS 2017 where sequential/synchronous processing can be enabled?

Not sure I understand the problem - rows should pass through the pipeline and process in that order. Are you saying that rows are bypassing the execute SQL task - or passing through that task even though it hasn't completed?

Or - are you expecting all rows to be processed by the execute SQL task before the next step?

How are you determining that the next process is running before the call to the stored procedure has completed?