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SSIS 2014 Memory Issues - Global Edit



Encountering "Insufficient memory to continue execution of this process" when using SSDT and only trying to EDIT the packages using Edit/Find and Replace. Reasonably large solution containing 72 child packages, server has 512GB, 300GB allocated to sql engine (on same box).

Knowing SSIS uses its own memory space outside SQL Server but puzzled as to why its throwing memory errors when just editing the packages, server is not being used, no work load even issued as yet and SSIS should have around 200GB to utilise. The error keeps returning even after reboot. Any ideas?


I'm confused. You give memory info for SQL server then say "server is not being used". So, why does it matter if the server has 1GB or a gazillion, if you're not using it?

In your editing environment (SSDT) what matters is the storage on the workstation running SSDT (please don't tell me you're running SSDT on the server! -- EXTREMELY BAD practice!!!!)


Yup. Agreed. BAD Practice!!!

However in the field when consulting,customers don't always provision perfect conditions. This use case they have a one off 4TB data load off a Teradata appliance to ss2014. The large tables can only be SSIS over due to stability reasons, no additional scale out ssis box supplied so temporarily hosted on the same server as sql engine. However - no user's on box to no conflicting workload.

Digging around and memory thrown errors likely relating to 32-bit application (SSDT) on 64-bit server. A few stability errors, asking to register DLLs etc, .. hate it, but no option to scale-out to its on server.

Thanks for your input.