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SSAS Database Location



Hi there,

I have 4 SSAS Databases on the same Instance. I want 2 of them to reside on a different drive (O:) to the other 2 (U:). I have no problem using dettach/attach to.move2 of the SSAS databases to the O: drive, and for a while everything works as expected. Then, either due to SSAS Service restarting or some other event, the 2 SSAS Databases I've moved revert back to the old location and fail to process due to insufficient disk size. I know the SSAS Instance has a 'DataDir' default, which is probably being used after a service restart, but I cannot change this as the Database locations are different for the different cubes. I need it to be this way for various performance & capacity reasons.

Anyone know how this issue can be permanently rectified without having all SSAS databases reside in the same location?