SQL2012 applying SP4 and SSRS prompting

I applied SP4 to a SQL2012 server. Everything went well except for an issue with SSRS. This SQL server houses a database for one app only. When the users are using the app (within IE, the app itself is on a seperate app server) and go to print an SSRS report, it prompts for an admin login. The users aren't admins on their pcs. When an admin login is entered, it works fine and continues to work until they happen to reboot their machine. Then it prompts again. The screenshot given to me wasn't all that descriptive other than the prompt but I think it's trying to download/install something from Microsoft.

The helpdesk guy told me it appears to have something to do with ReportviewerWebControl.axd (from clicking "show details" on the prompt). He mentioned that if they click "No" on the prompt, it gives a blank screen/report with an ActiveX error.

Does each client machine need to be updated with something as well? How do I make it permanent so that it doesn't prompt after reboots?

Any ideas?



I believe I have this resolved.

The solution was to get the files out of a .cab file on the SSRS server and place them on each client pc. The file was RSClientPrint-x64 and was in the SSRS bin folder.