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SQL To .CSV (,) Delimited Help


Hi Guys,

I need urgent help. Very simple SSIS Package.
one Data Flow, Source is SQL and Destination is .CSV (,) Delimited. I am seeing data going through fine through Data viewer. A source has data 0:60 or 0:30 data viewer looks good. However, When I open the .csv file in Excel I am seeing 0.041666667, 0.30.
I create template file and format to all column TEXT and use this temp file as a destination but no luck same issue.

Please advise.

Thank You.


Please post the record of the csv file with the problem. You can open it with Notepad

Also, please post the Excel row as an image for the same csv file record


Thank You gbritton for your reply. The good part is my client now wants a file in .xlxs so for now I don't have to worry about this thing. And yes you are right everything is looking good in text pad. They just want to see and compare visually not going to ingest this file into DB.

Thank You.