SQL to Calendar inc link to Folder Location

Hello Guys new to the Forum and the world of sql , looking for some help/advice

We’re running mid/crm software which all works well
Our software creates customer folder - job number folder for files / works orders

We print paper works orders to go to shop floor

We want to go paperless and need an easy way for our guys to navigate to .customer-job ref folder

And have a production schedule that’s easy to view say in large monitor

Is there a solution for sql to link to say outlook that updates as per our mis and create a link to the job folder so we can see the digital works order ?

Hopefully Iv explained our situation well enough


Is this SQL server microsoft?

Yes it’s microsoft sql and the Mis system is Clarity-software which we use for quoting etc

Couple of options

email attachment of data to stakeholders automated fashion,
build a simple web app they can go to
sharepoint etc

Do you have access to the data is it on prem or online

The data is held locally on our server