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Sql that shows info from two tables

Trying to get an sql for an warehouse that shows the following.

  1. We have purchase orders that have arrived to the warehouse. For example table “Inbound”, in that table we have purchase order number, article name quantity etc.

  2. We want to see what purchase orders that contains articles that have zero in stock for the warehouse. The articles in the warehouse is for example table “articles”

Any tips on how I can achieve this?


Please provide sample data using DDL and DML. For ex

create table #inbound(id int, articlename varchar(50))  ---etc
insert into #inbound
values(1,'Chicken Legs') ----------etc

we do not have access to you database so hard to provide an answer without some sort of hint as to your schema and data

Thank you! Sorry for my noob question. Is this information below enough?

  1. So this sql shows all the articles in the warehouse where stock=0
    select partno, partdsc1, baltot
    from L62T1
    where baltot=0;

  2. This sql shows all the articles of the inbound orders
    select * from G02T1

Could you please provide us direct access to your sql server?

Isn’t t there some standard sql that would solve this?

hi acerwert

have you found a solution ?

i was about to help you out ... with this ..

thank you