Sql task

Can you help me?
I need to create a pot database that has:
-primary database file DB_ASSIG1 (size 1GB, increase 100MB) ;
-secondary database file DB_ASSEC1 (size 500MB, increase 50MB) ;
-file group FG_ASSIG1 and in it a secondary database file DB_ASSEC2 ;
-transaction log DB_log1.

After creating the database, create a table with the following structure in the database:

  • Phone_ID, tip SMALLINT ;
  • Phone_Name, tip VARCHAR(15) ;
  • Phone_Type, tip VARCHAR (10) ;
  • Description, tip VARCHAR(25) ;
  • Price, tip SMALLMONEY ;
  • Manufacturer_ID, tip integer.

After creating the database, subsequently add a new Design_ID column, of type integer, that will not have a NULL value. Create screen shot created bases and tables.

Thanks in advance.

These are all fairly simple tasks, Rose. To be honest, this sounds like homework. Give it a try yourself first and post back if you have difficulty getting something to work.

I know, but sql is not working for me at all, and I don't have a single example of what a task should look like. If you can do it, I would appreciate it to heaven.

You should drop the course, then. And, no... I can't do it for you. It would be unethical.