SQL System Databases

Hi all,
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
We are currently in the process of moving our databases from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2019.
The main database transfer is pretty simple, but my boss has stated that we must move the master, model and msdb files as well.
I've been reading around and it seems that you can't import those files to a newer version of SQL.
Can anyone confirm if it is possible and if it is possible advise me on where I can find information on how to do it?

Thank you

You can't "move" them, period. Instead, you must copy/recreate what you need from the old system files into the new system files.

Thank you for that, can you advise on where I can find out how to do that?

For many things -- such as linked servers, logins and custom stored procs -- you can go into SSMS and script them out. But note that the actual passwords will not script out, you'd have to put those in by hand into the scripts afterward.

Thanks, although I have no idea what any of that means, sorry.
I am flying by the seat of my pants with this one, I have little to almost no knowledge of SQL server.


Additionally, the dbatools PowerShell library has a number of cmdlets for copying SQL Server objects:

Search for "Migration" on that page and you'll find a number of cmdlets beginning with "Copy-" and then the object you'd want to migrate.

The following will script out logins with their sid and password:

Transfer logins and passwords between instances of SQL Server

Then you probably should not be doing this.

neither should your boss.

Probably not! But I'm doing what I was asked and I will learn some things along the way as well.

Thanks for this one. :+1: