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SQL Storing Data Geographically to satisfy different Countries GDPR requirements


I have an application that stores client data right now in one location in the U.S. I have a need to satisfy GDPR and security needs whereby our clients ( our clients are geographically dispersed ( world wide clients ) and we wish to keep the client data in the country / city of the client).


The application will still be in the U.S. its a three tier web based application which is desired to stay in the U.S. only.

Please point me in the right direction. Let me know if anyone has done something like this using MS SQL Server etc..

Read up on CosmosDB

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Bear in mind that if your application is still in the US, the minute someone uses it to access their EU data, you've transferred it out of the European Union and are subject to all the same legal issues as if you were storing the data in the US in the first place.

Thank you very much.. That is exactly what I am wishing to accomplish. Also, someone mentioned something related to Azure..

Please do publish what you find here. My organization may have this issue also. Thanks in advance.

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You're welcome, if only I was an MS Sales Associate maybe I could make a commission.

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