Sql Stored Procedure Usage


I am running query using sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats to get the stored procedure usage report and little confused that it shows latest time like today but Execution count is NULL so what i should understand?

Is it Not using Stored Procedure at all since Last Sql server Restarted?

How I should interpreting Last_Execution_Time and execution_count columns as 4/1/2020 NULL
I was reading definitions but h=got confused:

Last_execution_time Last time at which the plan started executing
last time the execution plan was used to execute a query
execution_count Number of times that the plan has been executed since it was last compiled
number of times the plan has been used to execute a query



Thanks Mike for your prompt response but i still didn't understand as i should consider as this procedure was executed but count is NULL means what?

|last_execution_time|datetime|Last time at which the stored procedure was executed.|

|execution_count|bigint|The number of times that the stored procedure has been executed since it was last compiled.|