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SQL Sever 2014 Standard Edition download


Can you please let me know where to download the SQL 2014 Stand edition ?
Thank you,


If you have an MSDN subscription it should be available there. Note that you CANNOT use your MSDN subscription software in a production environment.

Otherwise you'll have to purchase it from an authorized reseller.


You can download from microsoft site.


Where did you find this information? I am not aware of any differences with the MSDN versions and as long as you have purchased the appropriate licenses and allocated them (documented the licenses belong to that system) then you should not have any issues.


The software versions are identical, it's just the license terms:


Paragraph 2a.

You're correct about purchasing the license(s), then you can install from any media. The point to make is that you can't just use MSDN software in prod (just like SQL Server Developer Edition). A lot of people don't realize this and it bites them later.


Agreed - I misread what you had written as you cannot use the downloads even if you had purchased the correct licenses for production.