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SQL Services not starting after reboot


Hello all. I am a systems administrator who is having issues with any sql server that requires a reboot. At first I thought it was patching but now I know even if I do a restart of a machine that has sql on it the services fail to start do to a "log in failure" for an example this particular services is using the NT Service\SQLSERVERAGENT and there is a passowrd in the fields. But after doing some searching on the net I know know that this account does not have a password so I blanked the password field out and was able to start the service. How do I configure this so that this service just starts automatically without trying to put a password in the password field


Check with your Windows Admins to see if there is a policy disabling services on some machines. That's the situation where I work. So like you, I need to reset the passwords on the services after reboot, but only on my laptop. My servers are just fine, since they are in the policy whitelist


I guess I am technically the windows admin. I mean I deal with group policy but I have checked and I have not seen or may overlooked where the policy would cause problems


change the account to a domain account that has admin privileges on the server eg domain\domainAcc then restart the service.....once this starts successfully you can change it back to the NT Service\SQLSERVERAGENT account


before you change it to NT Service be sure to change the startup option to automatic


Ok I can do that but will it I get the same problem when I reboot the server where the services wont start and have to do that every time?


can you use a Domain Account instead?


Im sure we can. I am just wondering why we are using this specific accounts anyway. The explanation that I have recieved is because that these accounts have specific privileges but in my experience you can have a domain account service account to accomplish this


its more to do with domain access (or remote access to other servers) from a sql perspective