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SQL Server Type of Data to Script option

I'm using SQL Server 2016 Standard and would like to generate insert scripts from a table. I googled and followed the instructions, however from Tasks>Generate Scripts>Types of data to script option, I only see "Schema only". It looks like other SQL users are able to select options like "data" and "Schema and Data". How do I make those options available ?

I see:


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I don't think there are any Permissions options here are there? (Other than publishing direct to a remote location)

I figured it out! Upon following the scripting wizard, at the Set Scripting Options windows, I select the Output Type and then click the Advanced button. I then see the Advanced Scripting Options like everybody else, where I can choose the Type of data to script.

(Earlier, because I selected the "Save to new query window" bullet without clicking on the Advanced button, the default option I was presented with was "Schema only")

what do you mean you figured it out? That's just what I posted 2 days ago

The key is to click on the Advanced button to be able to get to the screen that shows the "Types of data to script". Your post didn't mention this button nor how to get to the screenshot you had. Thank you.

Although my screenshot does say "Advanced Scripting Options" :wink:

Yup. Your "Advanced Scripting Options" screenshot was like a confirmation that the "treasure" existed except ones needed to figure out the map to get there :rofl: