SQL Server through internet


I have installed the sql server in the Virtual Machine. How do I open it through internet?


Not enough info to answer. Is there DNS for the server? Is it hasted by a cloud provider? Try to provide more details and someone may be able to help.

Thank you Jotorre,

There is a Vmware Workstation installed in my own computer. I have installed SQL Server in a VM. I can access the SQL Server from my own pc with client tool SQL Server Management Studio. I can also do briged network configuration and access the same from another pc when I am in my home network.

But I can't access from another pc that is in different network. Therefore I want to know that how I can access the SQL Server installed in a vm in my pc from another pc in different network?

SQL Server listens on port 1433 by default. Try opening that port and forwarding to your vm on your router.