Sql server stored procedure

recently a report came that I ran the below query in a server, but I never ran it. can someone let me know what this query is or what it does or any information related to it., might be it gets triggered in the background by some activity, any help is appreciated:
CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.sp_verify_subsystems @syssubsytems_refresh_needed BIT = 0 AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @retval INT DECLARE @InstRootPath nvarchar(512) DECLARE @ComRootPath nvarchar(512) DECLARE @DtsRootPath nvarchar(512) DECLARE @DTExec nvarchar(512)

This link gives some info on it: https://mattsql.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/sql-server-subsystems/

Maybe the audit job was run by you?

Thank you for the reply, could you please explain more, what kind of audit jobs could it be. pardon my limited knowledge as I am new to this.

The syspolicy purge job that you get automatically.

I went through the script of syspolicy purge job and that was not what they gave me in the report. But anyways thank you for your kindness to help me out. If there is anything that comes into your mind please let me know, thanks again!