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SQL Server Stored Procedure execution from SSIS task

I am new to SSIS. I am calling a stored procedure from Execute SQL Task with the syntax:

EXEC usp_AddUpdate ?, ?, ? OUTPUT, ? OUTPUT

The stored procedure has 4 parameters, i.e. 2 input & 2 output parameters
@QuaterID bigint=null
,@UserName nvarchar(256)=null
,@Success bit output
,@OutMessage varchar(512) output

In SSIS, I created new variables in Parameter Mapping tab of the Execute SQL Task. It is as follows:

Variable name Direction Data Type Param. Name Param. Size

User::QuaterID Input NUMERIC 0 -1

User::UserName Input NVARCHAR 1 -1

User::Success Output BYTE 2 -1

User::OutMessage Output LONG 3 -1

a) I just need to know whether it is correct & will it work there?

b) Also, should I specify anywhere the Default value NULL of stored procedure Input Parameters.

Thanks in advance

Maybe this will help.