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SQL Server Single Instance FCI - Failover Error

I have the following setup.

  • 3 Node WSFC Cluster hosted on EC2 in three different Subnet
  • Installed Single Node SQL Server FCI on all of the three Servers

But When I try to move one of the Role from one node to another it gives me the following error:
It will be great if someone could help me to understand the error.

My end goal is to create a Cluster such that I can move one instance (Role) from one Node to another.

The error is stating you cannot move that instance because the node you are trying to move to is not a possible owner. That would mean that instance has not been installed on the destination node.

When installing a clustered instance - you need to install SQL Server into the cluster on each node where you want that instance to be able to failover. From this error, it seems you have only installed on the 'current' node for that instance.

Thank you this helps.