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SQL Server self starts a restore

Hello all. I just have a quick question. Can SQL Server start a restore of a database on its own without any command or user interaction? Thank you in advance for your help.

Only if you have a scheduled task (e.g. using SQL Agent)

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No. SQL Server does not "auto-restore" any db(s).

This Stuff +=[quote="Kristen, post:2, topic:8184, full:true"]
Only if you have a scheduled task (e.g. using SQL Agent)

Yeeeecch! Why would you bust a hump in something like PowerShell when it's so easy to do in T-SQL?

Hello Everyone,

Another way to create and schedule database restore job in SQL Server is to use ApexSQL Backup – a SQL Server backup and restore management tool. ApexSQL Backup is a tool that helps user schedule a database restore job via an intuitive wizard, and also allows one to see all jobs history, schedules and outcomes, or raise an instant email alert on a job fail/success.


Just remember that if you don't know how to do native backups and restores, then you're not really qualified as a "DBA" and someone that does will likely be hired before you in an interview... especially if they're not using ApexSQL or whatever.

You should also know how to natively determine job status, history, schedules, and outcomes.

Yes, it could be done manually by giving date and time for backup.

You missed out the O/P's "on its own without any command or user interaction?" from your quote !!