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SQL Server Restart with replication

We have replication from master to slave database. I need to restart SQL Server 2005 as tempdb is too full and we have been getting the error. I just want to know if there are complications when I stop and restart sql server as there is replication is going on. Do I need to stop replication first and restart sql server?


First you may like to check this out: Troubleshooting Insufficient Disk Space in tempdb

And of course before restarting the SQL Server you need to ensure that no processes are running. Always better to stop all before restart.

In general, you should be fine as the replication agent should be able to restart itself, one thing to note is that you can ensure that the replication is not currently having issues, meaning not having delay transaction that hasn't been replicated yet, it might help the process. But in general, if everything was good before, it should just works fine after you restart.

However, I agree with Mangal that you should check out why your tempdb is filling up.