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SQL Server Remote Desktop Connection Issue

I am trying to connect to 2 local network servers in SSMS in which I am able to do successfully but then the next day I am no longer able to even remote into the server. Does anyone know what could be going on?

The server can ping out and can be pinged by another server on the same network but cannot hit it from our network.


A reason for connection errors can be a virus scanner installed on the server which blocks sqlserver.exe.
Another reason can be the SQL Server Browser service is not running. When this service is not running you cannot connect on named instances.
Hope this helps you.

Thanks for the response!

Checking the SQL Server Browser was the first thing that I did check so that's not causing it. As far as anti-virus software blocking, I will check on it but if that were the case I wouldn't be able to even connect to the one server correct? This only happens when I try to connect to an additional server at the same time.

I have registered these 3 servers. If I double click on an additional one to open and connect to it while still connected to one, this is when the next day I wont be able to even remote into the initial server at all.