SQL Server Migration to SQL Failover Cluster

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Maybe someone had a similar situation and could help me out a little bit.

We are currently planning a migration of all our SQL Instances from a non-clustered Microsoft SQL Server (Single VM, no Failover functionality) to a new Microsoft SQL Failover Cluster environment (2 Nodes, new SQL Failover Cluster Instance for every SQL Instance).

Currently all our database connections are in the following scheme:




Since all the new SQL Failover Cluster Instances require a new DNS/Network name for every single Instance, we will face some trouble (and alot of work) to change the database configuration on every single host. Is there an easier solution than changing every single config file to point to the new database url(s)? Is there a way to use the same old SQL Server DNS Name (SQLServer1) for multiple failover cluster instances?

DNS Aliases? CNames? Anything?

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I'm the DBA, so I'm not an expert on DNS / CNames, etc. But I have worked and work with expert Windows people, and they tell me DON'T use the same name for the top level. Instead,do something like:


That first name can be a virtual name of some type (again, I'm not a Windows expert), and that is the way to do it. according to my support.