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SQL Server Merge Replication issue

The short of it is we had OS level system outages in a data center and lost some VM's one of which was a SQL Server that contained a publisher database to 4 subscriber databases that were on other VM's that were unaffected by the outage. I have rebuilt a SQL instance and restored a copy of my publisher database. I had to rebuild the replication on the publisher and setup a subscription for each site. Obviously I cannot let the initial snapshot overwrite or recreate any objects at the subscriber sites since they continued to operate during the outage so I cannot select the drop and recreate objects at the subscriber. The issue is this since it cannot do that the snapshot apply errors because it cannot apply the "rowguid" column and constraint at the subscribers (but they already exist) so I cannot get the snapshot to apply and setup a replication schedule. Any way to work around this since everything needed already exist at each subscriber database for replication to work. I just cannot get beyond initial snapshot application. Really appreciate any thoughts.