Sql server Logshipping database migration to New Server

We have Sql 2014 and migrating to new server Sql Server 2022.
We have currently Express edition and will migrating also to the Express edition.
What's the best way to migrate/upgrade Logshipping databases (Primary and Secondary) to New server?

  1. Install Sql Server 2022 on New server on bot the Primary and Secondary
  2. create current empty database structure (SqlDB) on Primary and Secondary with existing logins
    Turn off Logshipping job (including TLog backup and Restore Log job) in respective server first then
    [A] Use Sql Server Migration Assistant (DMA) and just migrate Sql Server 2014 PRIMARY database "SqlDB" to Sql Server 2022 on Primary Server with current logins
    [B] Use Sql Server Migration Assistant (DMA) and just migrate Sql Server 2014 Secondary database "SqlDB" to Sql Server 2022 on Secondary Server with current logins
  3. Turn On the Logshipping job (Backup og Tlog on PRIMARY Server and Restore Log job on Secondary Server)

Is it the right steps?

Thanks in advance!

Anybody has tips or suggestions?

The steps you've outlined should work fine. Using the DB Migration assistant is probably the easier route. I'd suggest leaving the source system in place until you're sure everything migrated successfully to SQL 2022, then switch your connections to SQL 2022.

Is your log shipping a custom job? As far as I know the built-in log shipping doesn't work with Express Edition, it throws an error to that effect.