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SQL Server Licensing

Hi All,
I need to cost out SQL Server licensing for SQL Server Enterprise Edition:

CPU: 6 cores (2.0GHz or higher)
Drives: OS – 80 GB
Data – 250 GB

My estimate is that it is costing around $30,000 dollars. Is this a correct estimation ?


That is not a question that can be answered in a forum - you would be much better off talking to your licensing representative. There are most likely options that your reseller and/or licensing agent can provide that we would have no idea are available.

The prices can be different - depending on software assurance and other considerations.

It also will depend on usage and whether you really need core licensing or something else. Check with your licensing representative or reseller - they will have the best information available for you.

Agreed. Licensing is so involved and complex now that you really need to talk to someone with expertise specifically in it.

Thanks all.