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SQL Server Interfaces Error 26:: Error Locating Server/Instance Specified


Windows 7 - Service Pack 1

SQL Server 2012 v11.00.2100

Visual Basic 2015 - v14.0.25123.00 Update 2


I'm attempting to create a website (ASP.NET) in Vb 2015, with an attached database (.mdf) used to host user input. Input such as Names, Passwords, Usernames, DOB, etc.... When attempting to create this
database a SQL Error fires. In VB2015 I go to 'Add a New Item', 'Select SQL Database', 'Name the DB "PetersenFIN.mdf"', 'Click OK to place the database within the website folder structure older=APP_Data", ((Within 15 seconds the following occurs!!! )))) At this point VB2015 flickers for a second, says that it is (Not Responding), recovers and goes back to normal and finally SQL ERROR FIRES.
Have googled and youtubed and searched forums for solutions to error to
no avail.
Please ask for any additional info that may be needed.

Steps Taken to Resolve::
**Gathered IP's via cmd-ipconfig
**Gathered and verified the TCP Port # ((1433)) that is being used by SQL2012 via SQL Server Logs
**Via SQL Config Mgr. verified that MSSQLSERVER is running and is default
**Via SQL Config Mge. verified that TCP/IP is enabled--and listed 2 :::: Shared Memory is 1
**Confirmed that instance names are correct in all connectionstring coding
**Remote connections enabled via SQL Config Mgr

Consistently Check Before/During/After that appropriate SQL Services are running via services.msc (SQLEXPRESS & BROWSER)
Have created in Norton AntiVirus-Firewall exceptions for ports 1433 & 1434 ((Windows 7 Firewall is disabled and completely controlled via Norton)) ((Also created exceptions for sqlbrowser.exe &
Able to ping both IPv4 and IPv6 IP's via cmd
Able to login to server via IP address rather than server name::Able to login to server via IP address & Port # as well
Able to login to server via both IP address & normal server name with ((tcp) prefix

Think I have covered it all


Is that available to SQL Server / Permissions are right / etc. etc.

Normally (but its not the only option!) databases are stored with MDF and LDF in specific locations, optimised for performance (e.g. type of drives suited to either MDF or LDF) and Disaster Recovery (MDF and LDF not stored on the same spindle) ... and so on.

Storing each database is a user-defined location would keep a project all-in-one-place, but runs the risk of falling foul of the other opportunities.

maybe try creating the DB in the same place as "All the other user databases" ?


Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager
SQL Server Services
On the Right Side window show all the servers which may stop. If you are using "SQLEXPRESS" then, Right click on SQL Server(SQLEXPRESS) and start.

Hope this will help you out, you can also take the help of this link for other possible solutions to fix the error: http://www.sqlserverlogexplorer.com/fix-error-code-26/


Thanks Jason, but as above, I clearly am all over that process.