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SQl Server Installed but Management Studio Failed

Hi experts. This is MSSQL 2014. on Windows Server 2012.
I successfully installed SQL Server 2014 engine, agent and IS. But Management Studio will not install.(I'm using the Setup.exe in the Install media) The error is "File not found". No idea which file is missing or what to do. Can someone tell me how I can get Management Studio installed?
Thanks, Jack

... I should add that in the Rules pre-check during the install, I get a Warning on the Firewall. But everything installed except for Management Studio.

SSMS should not have anything to do with the firewall though.

Did you try this?

Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Program and Features -> Select your current version of Microsoft SQL Server
Right Click, select Change/Uninstall
Click Add features
Select the backup copy folder
Do the steps what you done for SQL Server installation until features selection
Now select the features Management Tools Basic/Complete or both
And go ahead with process for complete installation.
Now you should get, SQL Server Management Studio and you can browse your databases.

Thanks, ahmeds08.
Yes I did uninstall everything, then reinstall. It fails to install Management Studio, even when that is the only feature being installed.
I will examine the bootstrap text file today to get more exact info, then post it here.

how about trying to install it from


Best is to download and install SSMS from Microsoft official site.