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Sql server error 10061


Good day! i would like to ask some assistance about the problem i am facing with my sql server 2008 r2.
I suddenly encountered an sql server 10061 error. I didn't make any changes to my configuration manager before hand, but this popped out suprisingly. I already tried turning off my firewall and it still would not work.
I hope you someone could assist me with this problem. Thank you very much.


Check in configuration manager to make sure that named pipes and TCP/IP are enabled, as well as SQL Browser. You'll need to restart your server after making the changes.


If you have not made any changes to config or to firewall rules, it could be that your network administrator was trying to make the environment more secure without telling you. You can't blame them for it, with all the security breaches that exist. So first thing I would do is to ask your network admin to see if they have made any changes.

You didn't say whether you are experiencing connection problems when trying to connect from a remote machine, or from the server itself. In any case, take a look at this page. It is rather long, but walks you through step by step.



The Named Pipes protocol will be first in the list.Demote it, and promote TCP/IP.

Test the application thoroughly