Sql server database backup job

How can I set up a sql server database backup job using token and macros? can somebody please help? Thanks in advance!

Not sure what you mean by token and macros. SQL (the language) and SQL Server (the database) don't have macros or tokens AFAIK.

You could look into SQL Server maintenance plans or Minion Backup (google it) or Ola Hallengren's solutions for more comprehensive solutions

My recommendation would be to take a course in SQL Server. Backups are one of the most important things there are and if you think that SQL Server uses "macros", then you just don't know enough to be doing the backups safely and effectively even with Ola Hallegren's code or Minion code. When that stuff breaks, you'll be the one that needs to fix it.

Seriously... I'm not trying to slam you personally. I'm trying to save you and the data you're responsible for. Don't trivialize backups and a restore plan. Get some onsite help on this or a bit of formal training.